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Adult Education
Staff Directory
Adult Education Administrators
Dr. Kelly Darney
Darney, Dr. Kelly
Adult Education Director
Office: 330-424-9562
Education: BA, M.L.S., Ed.D
Experience: Educator/Principal Administrative
Terry Hutson
Hutson, Terry
Adult Education Assistant Director
Office: 330-424-9561 x 142
Education: BS, M.Ed.
Experience: Marketing, Human Resources, Educator
Kevin Clark
Clark, Kevin
Business Industry/Student Services Coordinator, Ad. Ed. Student Services Supervisor
Office: 330-424-9562 x 176
Education: BA, M.Ed.
Experience: Student Services, Enrollment Management
Alex Porter
Porter, Alex
Financial Aid/Reporting Coordinator
Office: 330-424-9561 x 116

Education, BBA

Experience, Business, Accounting & Auditing, School Finance and Financial Aid Counseling

Technology/Media Coordinator
Adult Education Support Staff
Marsha Henrich
Henrich, Marsha
Confidential Admin Assistant
Office: 330-424-9561 x 126
Education A.A.D
Nelda Hawkins
Hawkins, Nelda
Administrative Assistant / Parenting Coordinator
Program/Courses Taught: Parenting
Diane Digennaro
Digennaro, Diane
Exam Proctor
Practical Nursing Program
Carolyn  McCune
McCune, Carolyn
LPN Program Coordinator
Office: 330-424-9562 x 183
Education: BSN, MSN
Experience: Nurse
Program/Courses Taught: Transitions, Maternal Child Nursing
Nina DeLullo
DeLullo, Nina
PN Program Coordinator
Education: BSN, MSN NP
Program/Courses Taught: Medical Terminology, Growth and Development, Nursing, Medication Math
Jacki Fieldhouse
Fieldhouse, Jacki
Lead Instructor
Education: BSN
Program/Courses Taught: Nurs 101, Nurs 102, Nurs 103, Nurs 104, Nursing Labs

Anna Cathers
Cathers, Anna
Clinical Instructor

Education: ADN
Program/Courses Taught: LPN Clinical, Labs, CCMA, STNA

Emily Carr
Carr, Emily
Clinical Instructor
Education: BSN
Program/Courses Taught: Clinical, Nursing Labs
Kelly Clark
Clark, Kelly
LPN-RN Director

Education: BSN, MSN
Program/Courses Taught: LPN Clinical, A & P, Nursing, Labs

Emily Kellison
Kellison, Emily

Education: BSN, MSC
Program/Courses Taught: LPN Clinical, A & P, Nursing, Labs

Joy Kellner
Kellner, Joy
Education: ADN
Programs/Courses Taught: LPN Labs 
Monica Pusateri
Pusateri, Monica

Education: BSN, MSN
Programs/Courses Taught: LPN Clinical, STNA, CCMA

Brenda Rose
Rose, Brenda
Instructor/Lab Coordinator

Education: ADN
Program/Courses Taught: LPN Labs, Pharmacology I & II

Kathryn Stanley
Stanley, Kathryn
Education: BSN
Program/Courses Taught: STNA, LPN Clinical
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Program
Casie Huddleston
Huddleston, Casie

Education: PCT, Phlebotomist, LPN

Programs/Courses Taught: CCMA Lab, Phlebotomy

Leslie Wilson
Wilson, Leslie
Education: B.S. Education, LPN
Courses taught:  Medical Terminology, Administrative Medical Office, CCMA Lab
Medical Office Technology Program
Deborah Arter
Arter, Deborah
Office: 330-424-9561
Education: CMPCS
Program/Courses Taught: Medical Insurance, Physicians Coding and Billing, Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Administration, Medical Office
Pharmacy Technician Program
Amy Cagliuso
Cagliuso, Amy
Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator
Office: 330-424-9561 x 181
Education: B.S. Pharmacy
Programs/ Courses Taught: Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology for CPCT, Medical Office Practice
Katey Lora
Lora, Katey
Education: CPhT, BS
Program/Courses Taught: Pharmacy Technician
Amy Slosser
Slosser, Amy
Education: CPhT
Program/Courses Taught: Pharmacy Technician
Joyce Bowers
Bowers, Joyce
Adult Ed Faculty
Adult Ed PCT
Education:  RN
Courses Taught: CCMA Lab 
Welding Program
2018 Adult Education Organizational Chart
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