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Adult Education
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The following courses are offered at CCCTC and can also be offered at your site.
“Registration forms must be turned in prior to start of class to guarantee a seat.”
Bring your lunch and learn over the lunch hour. Students work on a laptop
in an instructor led, hands on session. Lunch sessions are 1 hour from
12 pm to 1 pm. Cost is $25 and includes materials and instruction.
Reservation required at least one week in advance.

 - Trending on Twitter  - Survey Says!
 - Business Cards with Vistaprint  - Facebook Basics
 - Booking Travel  - YouTube Basics
 - PC Tune-up and Security  - Pinning with Pinterest 
 - PayPal Basics  - Amazon Wish Lists


Job Search 101 and Resumes
Finding a new job can be an overwhelming, unpredictable and frustrating experience. Knowing how to create an eye-catching resume and develop interview skills are crucial when seeking new employment opportunities. CCCTC Adult Education can help you build and utilize these essential tools. Our instructors will help you develop an engaging resume and cover letter while training you how to search for employment opportunities and master interviewing techniques. Call today for more information.  
Cost: $150
Course Length: 4 day course / 3 hours per day
Workplace Writing
Explore writing genres that are commonly used in professional workplaces. These genres include various types of correspondence—letters, memos, and emails—as well as reports, proposals, and abstracts (or summaries). Students in this class will study how these written genres are important to the efficiency of the workplace while learning to create these various business forms to enhance their business practices.
Cost: $75  
Course Length: 1 day course / 3 hours
Soft Skills
Every company looks for their employees to have a certain set of skills to perform their daily tasks. Yet being an expert in your field is not enough.  To supplement these core skills, there are certain soft skills that every hiring manager is looking for in every potential candidate. Soft skills are defined as personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. These attributes include a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, time management abilities and working as a team player. This 3-hour seminar will aid you in developing and implementing these skills to make you a more valued employee.
Cost: $75  
Course Length: 1 day course / 3 hours per day
Customer Service Training
Giving outstanding customer service is one of the keys to growing and maintaining a successful business.  Our instructors can help you unlock your potential for excellent customer service skills. Topics covered include communication skills, emphasis on product knowledge, attentiveness to customer needs and conflict resolution.
Cost: $75
Course Length: 1 day course / 3 hours
OSHA - 10 & 30 hour cards

Earn your 10 hour OSHA card. This course covers basic safety procedures and laws in all general industry situations including manufacturing, health care, and offices. This card never expires and is issued by the US Department of Labor. It is a great resume builder, employers look for this! 

Cost: (10 hour certifications: $150, 30 hour certifications: $350)
Dates & Times: TBA call for more information on dates. This program can be offered at your facility or ours. If you have 5 or more employees you want certified, call for a group rate!
Safe Land / Safe Gulf
This Basic Orientation course includes Safe Gulf and Safe Land. This two-day program meets API RP 75 & API RP T-1 requirements and provides a basic understanding and awareness level of general safety that an employee should know. Over 25 of the leading oil and gas operators accept and require this certification. Upon successful completion of course, students are issued a card with picture ID/unique barcode. Student information is then stored online. The orientation has become the standard certification requirement for the gas and oil industry.

Cost: $285
Dates & Times: TBA Call for a group rate!

Identity Theft Protection
Webster defines Identity Theft as the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain. For some this is not just a definition in a book but a harsh reality. Join us for this brief seminar and learn how to defend yourself against threats such as account fraud, medical fraud and online dangers.

Cost: $75
Course Length: 1 day course / 3 hours
Budgeting and Money Management
Take control of your personal finances and find a better way to manage your money. During this course we will cover the basics of budgeting, bookkeeping and bank accounts.
Cost: $75
Course Length: 1 day course / 3 hours 

 The Courses are offered for one day for a total of 3 hours of training for only $150.00! Choose day or evening whichever is more convenient for your schedule. Classes run based on enrollment. These programs can be offered at your facility or ours. If you have 5 or more employees you want certified, call for a group rate!

 - Mobile Devices 101  - PowerPoint
 - Understanding the Cloud  - Access
 - Social Media Basics  - Publisher
 - Google Suite and Apps  - Photoshop Basics
 - Windows 10  - QuickBooks
 - Word  - Online Security
 - Excel  - Typing and Data Entry





Call John at 330-424-3517 for class times! 

Having a Wellness Event?
Our Practical Nursing students and our Medical Assistant
students would love the opportunity to come to your
place of business and provide complimentary
blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screening. 

Call 330-424-9561, ext. 180, to set it up.


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