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Staff Directory

Adult Education Administrators

Dr. Kelly Darney
Darney, Dr. Kelly
Adult Education Director
Office: 330-424-9562
Education: BA, M.L.S., Ed.D
Experience: Educator/Principal Administrative
Terry Hutson
Hutson, Terry
Adult Education Assistant Director
Office: 330-424-9561 x 142
Education: BS, M.Ed.
Experience: Marketing, Human Resources, Educator
Kevin Clark
Clark, Kevin
Adult Education Student Services Coordinator
Office: 330-424-3520
 Education: BA, M.Ed.
 Experience: Student Services, Enrollment Management, Human Resources, Education Administration 
Alex Porter
Porter, Alex
Financial Aid/Reporting Coordinator
Office: 330-424-9561 x 116

Education: BBA

Experience: Business, Accounting & Auditing, School Finance and Financial Aid Counseling

Adult Education Support Staff

Marsha Henrich
Henrich, Marsha
Confidential Admin Assistant
Office: 330-424-9561 x 126
Education A.A.D

Practical Nurse Program

Nina DeLullo
DeLullo, Nina
Practical Nurse Program Coordinator
Education: BSN, MSN NP
Program/Courses Taught: Medical Terminology, Growth and Development, Nursing, Medication Math
Jacki Fieldhouse
Fieldhouse, Jacki
Lead Instructor
Education: BSN
Program/Courses Taught: Nurs 101, Nurs 102, Nurs 103, Nurs 104, Nursing Labs

Joy Kellner
Kellner, Joy
Education: ADN
Programs/Courses Taught: Practical Nurse Labs, State Tested Nurse Aide, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Lab 
Kathryn Stanley
Stanley, Kathryn
Education: BSN
Program/Courses Taught: LPN-Rn Nursing Program clinical, Practical Nurse clinical, State Tested Nurse Aide program coordinator
Stephanie Weingart
Weingart, Stephanie
Lead Instructor
Education: BSN
Lead Instructor in LPN-RN Program
Clinical, Pharmacology, Nursing Foundations
Anna Cathers
Cathers, Anna
Education: ADN
Instructor Practical Nursing (Lab & Clinical)
Jamie Williams
Williams, Jamie
Education: BSN
Instructor Practical Nurse (Lab & Clinical)
Ann Cope
Cope, Ann
LPN-RN Program Coordinator/Lead Instructor
Education: BSN, MSN
Coordinator of LPN-RN Nursing program
Instructor in LPN-RN Nursing program

Amberly McNemar
McNemar, Amberly
Instructor Practical Nurse Program (Foundations, Anatomy, Pharmacology)
Lynne Conn
Conn, Lynne
Instructor Practical Nurse Program (Pharmacology, Foundations, Lab, and Clinical)
Emily Deack
Deack, Emily
LPN Program
Office: 330-424-9562 x 183

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Program

Deborah Arter
Arter, Deborah
Office: 330-424-9561
Education: CMPCS
Program/Courses Taught: Medical Insurance, Physicians Coding and Billing, Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Administrative Medical Office
Beverely Richey
Richey, Beverely
Education: BSN
Instructor in Medical Assistant program (CCMA Lab, Pharmacology, EKG)

Police Academy

Allen Young
Young, Allen
Police Academy Commander
Office: 330-424-9562
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