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Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the CCCTC Culinary Program will undergo many new and exciting changes. Students enrolled in the program will utilize a new curriculum provided by the National Restaurant Association. Pro Start is nationally recognized, industry driven and includes all facets of the restaurant and culinary fields. CCCTC Culinary students will not only gain valuable knowledge and skills, they will also earn industry recognized credentials that will help them gain employment in this competitive and growing industry.


Can my organization hold a breakfast or lunch meeting in the Buckeye Restaurant?

Absolutely! We would love to host your meeting. Arrangements will need to be made with Chef Straley and plans will need to be finalized at least 10 days prior to the day of the event to allow ample prep/order time to make your event a success. You will also need to complete building use forms and all necessary paperwork through our central office.

Is CCCTC eliminating all banquet events?

CCCTC will continue to host our eight annual Career Tech Student Organization banquets that are held to recognize the accomplishments of CCCTC students. Banquet planning is an important topic that our culinary program students need to be exposed to. However, our new curriculum is very rigorous and while it will better prepare our students to enter the culinary field, it will not permit the time required to host outside banquet events.

Can the building still be used by outside organizations?

Most definitely! The building is available for use by public organizations for meetings. You will have access to our media center for small meetings or our cafeteria for larger events. You will be able to use our audio and video equipment so long as arrangements are made PRIOR to the event and you meet with our technology staff PRIOR to your event to learn how to use the equipment. You may bring your own cookies and beverages so long as these items comply with health code regulations. Our kitchen will undergo a reorganization process to align with the Pro Start curriculum and as such will not be available for use.

I attended a function at CCCTC that was organized by the ESC and they had cookies and refreshments. Can I hold a similar event?

Events hosted by the CCESC directly benefit the students of Columbiana County. These events are annual and planned at the beginning of each school year. CCCTC assists with these activities when they align with current curricular plans and as time permits.

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